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Fellowship Dinner provides a great opportunity for our members and visitors to spend time together and get to know each other while we enjoy the yummy plant-based food that each of us has brought to share. Currently potluck/fellowship dinner is served on the First, Second and Third Saturday of each month immediately following the worship service in the Fellowship Hall. Those who are able are encouraged to bring enough food for their family plus more to share. Assistance putting tables and chairs away, cleaning up the food and kitchen and vacuuming is also greatly appreciated.


Goals are to :


  • Provide a meal which celebrates the Sabbath-provide opportunity for church members to enjoy social and spiritual fellowship


  • Demonstrate Christian hospitality in a delightful environment


  • Share the benefits of vegetarian cuisine with friends, visitors, and members-provide an educational opportunity as an alternative or in addition to cooking schools


  • Encourage participants to choose a limited variety of dishes that are attractive, nutritious, and delicious rather than an excessive variety of food.

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