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Welcome to the Men’s Ministry of Gurnee Seventh-day Adventist Church. Our mission is to love God, love others, serve and change our world. The call is to radical discipleship, to be a follower of Christ no matter the cost. It is neither cheap nor easy. But it is the greatest adventure life affords. There are many opportunities for you to join with other like-minded men who are serious about this mission, this cause, this call. Our purpose is to help men CONNECT, GROW, and SERVE through the opportunities listed below.

Gurnee SDA Church Men's Ministry Vision:


"Building strong Christ-like men who lead their families well and disciple others."


Four Vital Areas:


Devotion – Mentoring men how to overcome common temptations and obstacles and build spiritual habits that build a stronger devotion to God.


Doctrine – Mentoring new believers and seasoned believers in the vital doctrines of the Christian faith.


Relationships – Mentoring men in marriage, parenting and work relationships with biblical truth.


Service – Mentoring men to serve in our church, evangelize effectively, and reproduce disciples by mentoring others.

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