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Pathfinder Ministry


Our Pathfinder club is a church-centered recreational and spiritual program designed for both boys and girls, grades 4 through 10. The program offers action, adventure, challenge and group activities that produce team spirit and loyalty to the church.



We are dedicated to meeting the social, physical, mental, and spiritual developmental needs of junior and teen youth by challenging the Pathfinder to experience a personal relationship with Christ, having a sense of achievement and responsibility, and developing respect for God's creation including his fellowman.


Requirements for Volunteers and/or Participation

Participants and volunteers are required to have a love for others and a desire to experience the love of Jesus while cooperating with others in group settings.

The Pathfinder club operates during throughout the school year, September through June. Registration is open during the month of August, however we will maintain an open enrollment through December of 2014. 

To get more detailed information about participation, uniform, etc., open this information sheet.



Pathfinders meet on Saturdays or Sundays twice per month. The meetings take place in the church cafeteria. Dues are $70 for the year.


Jeff Taube is the Pathfinder Director. For more information you may email us your questions.  Just go to the Contact Us page and fill out the form and send. 

Objective of the Pathfinder Club

To lead our youth to Christ and hold them loyal to the church
To demonstrate the attractiveness of Christian ideals in an active program
To guide our youth into active missionary service
To provide a positive church centered program
To develop good character and citizenship
To promote the Adventist Youth achievement class activity
To give guidance in physical, mental, social, and spiritual growth


Pathfinder Club Goals

The primary purpose of the Pathfinder ministry in the Seventh-day Adventist Church is to instill in its membership a committed relationship with Jesus Christ through:

- Christian love and fellowship
- Pride in beginning and completing projects
- Training and reaching future Christian leaders
- Service/Outreach within the club and community

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