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Thank you for stopping by our website. Feel free to explore and contact us if you have any questions. Below, we have outlined some important information that our visitors commonly ask.

When you arrive on a Saturday morning, you will hear a hearty "Happy Sabbath" greeting. That's a traditional Seventh-day Adventist greeting expressing our appreciation for your presence and our gratitude for the sabbath rest this day contains. 

Pastor Lamont Taylor

Gurnee Seventh-day Adventist Church

Sabbath School is a two-part service that begins at 9:30 am. We usually give a mission report of the Seventh-day Adventist Global mission work and then disperse it into small discussion groups. Designated teachers lead the groups. If you have a family, we have a class for every age group. Also, if you're nursing your child, we have sliding rockers in the women's restroom for privacy.


The worship service begins at 10:45 am. The program usually includes a Song Service, Children's Story, Prayer Time, Tithe & Offerings, Special Music, Scripture Reading, and a sermon. We aim to end at 12:45 pm, followed by a fellowship meal.


We also have a prayer and bible study group that meets every Wednesday from 7-8 pm. Anyone is welcome to participate in this mid-week spiritual boost. If you can't make it? Don't worry. Hit the "pray for me" button on the homepage and send in your prayer request. Our Prayer team will intercede for you. 


If you are looking for a home church or are new to our community, we would love to welcome you into the membership of the Gurnee SDA Church family. You can become a member by Baptism, Profession of Faith, or Transfer of Letter.


We hold a communion service every quarter of the year. On those Saturdays, we follow the same order of service; however, the sermon is usually shorter to accommodate for the foot-washing service. There are rooms designated for women only, men only, and families who wish to partake in foot-washing together. After this service, the congregation reassembles in the sanctuary to participate in the communion emblems, unleavened bread, and grape juice. The Pastor and Elders take the lead in the order of the service. If it's your first time, our Deacons or Deaconesses will gladly assist you on that day.



Feel free to wear what's comfortable for you when you visit. We look forward to meeting you.

Who are Seventh-day Adventists?

Seventh-day Adventists are a global family of Christians who hold the Bible as the ultimate authority. We offer the good news that faith in Jesus Christ makes possible an excellent personal relationship with God, a holy life empowered by His Holy Spirit for witness and service, and assurance of eternal life in heaven. There are, however, a few distinguishing characteristics that set us apart from many other Christian denominations.

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